def workflow(
  name: str = None

A sieve.workflow is a collection of sieve.functions and sieve.Models that are executed in a specific order.

A sieve.workflow is executed by pushing data to the workflow using the API, the CLI, or the SDK.

A sieve.workflow can be deployed to Sieve using the CLI, or the SDK.

Single Function Workflow Example

import sieve

def single_function_workflow(image: sieve.Image) -> sieve.Image:
  return sieve.reference("sieve-developer/mediapipe-face-detector")(image)

Object Tracking Example

import sieve
from typing import Dict, Tuple
from yolo import Yolo
from tracker import SORT
from splitter import VideoSplitter
from visualizer import draw_boxes

def yolosplit(video: sieve.Video) -> Dict:
  images = VideoSplitter(video)
  yolo_outputs = Yolo()(images)
  return SORT(yolo_outputs)

def yolo_visualize(video: sieve.Video) -> Tuple[sieve.Video, Dict]:
  images = VideoSplitter(video)
  yolo_outputs = Yolo()(images)
  visualized = draw_boxes(images, yolo_outputs)
  combined = sieve.reference("sieve-developer/frame-combiner")(visualized)
  return combined, SORT(yolo_outputs)


  • name Name of the workflow.

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